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Tennessee Family Law


A Tennessee divorce action can be a harrowing experience for anyone involved.  Many people think that
divorce is easy because so many people file for or are sued for divorce.  However, it is this sheer volume
of divorces that creates a complex body of statutory law, case law, and procedural rules that can trap the
unwary litigant.

There are many matters to be resolved in a typical Tennessee divorce action.  One of these is whether
alimony will be sought and/or allowed.  Alimony is not guaranteed, regardless of the incomes of the
parties.  The Court’s decision will hinge on several factors that should be discussed with an experienced

The question of whether there is “marital property” and what is marital property also comes up in every
Tennessee divorce.  Nothing is automatically deemed to be marital property or separate property.
Further, the existence of marital property does not necessarily add any value or benefit to one side’s
case or the other, as liquidity and time concerns may affect the parties’ best interests.

You should discuss these matters with an experienced Tennessee divorce attorney if you want your
rights preserved and protected.  An East Tennessee divorce attorney will review your case scenarios
with you and discuss your options.  Our firm handles divorce cases throughout East Tennessee.